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Planning for a trip to Mongolia

Traveling to Mongolia is such a unique experience that requires planning unlike traveling to any other country. The harsh environment and requires careful planning. Here is a list of some suggested packing items:

Passports – When traveling abroad it is always a good idea to keep passport copies with you. If you are booking a trip to the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park we will need a copy to purchase your permits to get into the national park.

Sleeping bag – Although, yurts can be very warm, their temperatures drop a little during the night and it is best to have an all-season sleeping bag that is rated at -5ºCelcius/ 15º F or below even in the summertime.

Waterproof hiking boots –  Hiking, trekking, climbing, and walking through the terrain in Mongolia can be tough for anyone so you have to take care of your feet.

Waterproof clothing – A weatherproof jacket is a necessity with the unpredictable weather here in Western Mongolia. The Kazakh’s and Mongolian’s have a saying that there are 4 typically seasons in one day.

Towel, soap, and basic personal toiletries – A towel, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, and wet wipes for the rest of the trek is also recommended. All of which can be purchased in Ulgii.

Water bottle –  Your safety is our number 1 concern. Please bring a water bottle. Along the trail there are lots of rivers and streams from the glaciers and mountains that can be used to refill your bottle and boiled later to drink.

Warm clothes – Fleece, long pants, woolen hat, gloves,

Walking clothes  – bring thin clothes that can be layered and be easily removed or added during the trip.

Personal medication and basic first aid kit – Benadryl, Nyquil, rehydration salts, water purifying tablets, and other medications that cannot be purchased in Ulgii.

Snacks – Foods that are high in calories such as: energy bars, . Snacks are provided during the trek but you may like to bring one or two extras just in case.

Solar powered light –

Money belt – 

Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat – 

Bug spray/Insect repellent – 

Ziplock bags – 

Helmet – If you would feel safer on horseback or camel, you are encouraged to bring a helmet.

Camera These are once in a lifetime trips and taking photos is a must!