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About us

Shery Travel LLC. is owned and operated by childhood friends Oljas and Uka. It is a travel agency based in Bayan-Olgii that provides variety of tours around Western Mongolia. Oljas and Uka both have 5 years of experience working in the tourism industry and are very aware of the needs of travellers and are well equipped to provide safe and enjoyable tours. 

Who We Are

Uka was born in Ulaanbaatar and raised in Ulgii. He studied at the Turkish School in Ulgii where he learned Turkish. Uka later moved to the United States and studied Business Administration and English. He lived there for 3 years before returning to Mongolia and received his Bachelor’s degree in Law. Uka loves traveling and hanging out with his friends. His hardwork and ethics has made him one of the well-respected young leaders in Ulgii. Uka also, speaks Russian on top of his other four languages.
Oljas, was born and raised in Bayan-Ulgii village Tsengel. Tsengel is home to the most beautiful nature in Western Mongolia. 56.7% of it is within the national park of Altai Tavan Bogd and protected land by the government of Mongolia because of its plentiful resources. Oljas has spent time living and studying in overseas. He lived and studied Business Administration in Singapore from 2007-2010. Then, he moved to Malaysia and lived there from 2011 to 2014. He just moved back to Bayan Ulgii for the first time since 2007 from Sydney, Australia where he was working in the tourism industry. He speaks four languages: Kazakh, Mongolian, English, and Russian.

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